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Does your gearbox sound like running a screwdriver down a blackboard? Does the smell of burning clutch fluid drive you up the wall? We know about the pain of a damaged clutch – the feeling that you’re going to put your shoulder out just changing gear, and that incomparable smell of a complaining transmission. It’s an annoyance that isn’t going to go away.

Whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission, getting your transmission serviced, flushed and relubricated can save you an expensive clutch replacement, and it’ll also help keep your fuel bills down.

Expert Automatic and Manual Transmission Service,
Repairs, Maintenance and Flushing

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Automatic & Manual Transmission Service, repair and maintenance - Manual and Auto Transmission

Automatic transmissions are complex! Click the image on the left to take a closer look at the parts and components that are in your transmission.Simple fluid changes and flushes can easily help prevent transmission failures and make your car run better and perform to factory standards and specifications!

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With loan vehicles and complimentary pick-ups available (even after-hours if you need, just ask), it’s never been easier to get your gearbox running like new.

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