Vehicle Diagnostics

Computer diagnosis - trouble codes - warning lights - check engine light - Auto Edge’s new diagnostic machine is THE key to your vehicle’s longevity and efficiency. Get your car, van or truck a complete health check today.

Are You Serious About Maintaining Your Car?
Here’s THE key to your vehicle’s longevity and efficiency!

So are we! We know you want a vehicle service that deals with current problems AND prevents any from happening in the future. We also know you want your car, van or truck to run efficiently to keep fuel costs low. So, we’ve got some big news!

How to make sure your car runs like a dream:
Auto Edge has just invested in a brand-new, top-of-the-range diagnostic machine for our workshop.

This complete solution for complex vehicle diagnostics is SO cutting-edge, that none of our competitors have one. Your vehicle is about to get the royal treatment!

What does our new toy mean to you?
Problems are identified FAST – No waiting around while loads of tests are carried out!
You’ll save money on repairs – Faults that may occur in the future are pinpointed NOW.
You’ll save money on fuel – Your car’s emissions and electric systems are tested to ensure you don’t waste dollars on unburned fuel.

Get your car, van or truck a complete health check today. Book NOW.

What’s included in your car’s health check?
Auto Edge’s diagnostic machine will check/perform:

  • Exhaust emissions (worn valves, head gasket leaks, poor fuel economy, LPG tunes)
  • Batteries and alternators
  • Ignition systems on late model cars (spark plug leads, coils, modules)
  • Fuel pumps
  • Engine operation
  • Fuel injection systems (fuel pumps, injector cleaning)
  • Engine scans
  • Compression tests

It’s a comprehensive service! And remember, Auto Edge will never perform work on your car without your permission. And all servicing work is 100% guaranteed!

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