Car Service Deals Available for Your Car in Midvale WA

Car Service Deals

Tak​e Advantage of These Car Service Deals

Not all car service deals are the same and getting the right one for your car can be confusing.  So many options and too much jargon is often the problem.  We’ve tried to make it as clear as possible but if you’re unsure about any details, let us know and we can clarify it for you.

Car Service Deals


Get $25 BP Fuel Card with Your Fixed-Price service.No hidden extras!

With our Spring Pamper Package you’ll get a full safety check, review of all the key problem areas – brakes, exhaust, battery, starter, tyres, steering – as well as a clean car.  Your car will look, smell and feel like it did when you first purchased it. 

+ Get a BP voucher for $25 of free fuel

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Want to Drive in a Car You Can Trust?

Get the Spring Pamper Package – First Class Service at a Value for Money Price

This is a great service to take advantage of during spring.  This is especially suited if you’re going on a long trip, want to get your car ready for sale or value the comfort & certainty of a fixed price service.

What’s included?

  • Fault diagnosis & function test (includes engine computer scan) – valued at $49.50
  • Exhaust analyser test (making sure fuel is not being wasted) – valued at $45.95
  • Oil change (Castrol – semi-synthetic) – valued at $75.00
  • Full safety check – valued at $104.50
  • Windscreen washer fluid topped up with Bosch one shot washer – valued at $11.00
  • Polish your windscreen – valued at $16.50
  • Tyre & brake inspection and adjustment (get rid of spongy or unsafe brakes) – valued at $44.00
  • Oil filter fitted – valued at $18.00
  • Battery, starter & alternator test with report  (avoid your car failing to start) – valued at $33.50
  • Air conditioning pressure test check – valued at $48.90
  • Wheel alignment check & report – valued at $29.90
  • BP Fuel Card – valued at $25
  • Car wash & vacuum – valued at $49.50
  • Driver pamper pack to make your driving experience more enjoyable (includes fragrant scent, wipes, jelly beans) – valued at $16.95

Car service Deals

What you won’t get:

  • Pushy sales teams trying to lock you in for more work
  • No hidden extras

This service, like all our work is backed up by the Auto Edge Guarantee (one we’ve never had to call on) so you know that the work will be done right.

How it works

Make a Booking

Bring Car In

Car is Serviced

Pay for service

Pick up car & fuel card

Get free fuel at any BP*

* Each BP card is registered. If you have any problems then call us and we’ll sort it out for you.

 You pay – $295**

(**Total value – $568 | Price is $395 for diesel or 4WD)

Step 1

Make a Booking

Step 2

Print Your Offer & Diagnostic Checklist

November Only – Limited Spots Available Each Week

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