Car Service

Your Car Service Just Got a Lot Easier...

Servicing your car is not top of mind for most people.  The prompt to get it done is often the car not starting one morning.  

But servicing your car at the recommended intervals isn’t just the manufacturer’s way of getting more money out of you for parts (honest!).  It can save you a fortune in future repair costs and fuel economy.

Expert tune ups will save you money!
Regular tune ups can save you money in the long run

Not Sure if Your Car Needs a Service?

Because getting your car serviced is one of those things that you have to do, like flossing, we aim to make sure that everything flows well and you get the service you need.  This is backed up by the Auto Edge Guarantee - one we've never had to use but is in place so you know we're serious about doing the job right the first time. 

Auto Edge 4 Step Approach to Car Service 


Check in & briefing

When you drop off your car, your keys are tagged and you sign a booking in form.  

Together we go through any concerns or specifics that you want addressed.



A full diagnostic is run on your car to identify any problem areas, including analysing your exhaust fumes to make sure you get the maximum mileage from each drop of fuel.  You will be contacted between 2-3 hours after drop off.  If problems are found you'll receive photos or video by email of the repairs required and why they are needed. 


Service is carried out

  • Your car will be raised up on a hoist to check brake hydraulics, shock absorbers, diff oils, wheel bearings, steering and geabox levels.  This is where mobile mechanics come unstuck, unless they bring a hoist!
  • Once we get your vehicle back on the ground; you name it – we check it.
  • The correct oil goes into your vehicle as per the manufactures recommendations (no one oil fits all attitude).  
  • All sump plugs, level plugs, oil filter or anything that needs to be shown to be tight are marked to indicate that it is in fact tight and it has been rechecked.

The Finishing Touches

  • A rego reminder sticker is put on your screen to remind you about your license renewal as the Department of Transport no longer sends out stickers or reminders.
  • Time permitting, your car is washed, windscreen is polished and inside cleaned. 
  • Items that need to be monitored are listed on the invoice.
  • Get complimentary vehicle inspection on any new purchase you're considering.  This can allow you to negotiate a better price if some items need attention.