Gas & Car Parts

Whatever your engine needs, we can get it

Auto Edge provides all gas and car parts.
Whatever your engine needs, we can get it.
We service cars vans, trucks, LPG, LNG and more.

At Auto Edge, we love engines, in a way that borders on the romantic (although we may have to see a shrink about that if it gets any worse). We love everything about them – the way they sound, the way they smell, the feel of putting pedal to the metal and hitting the open road…we think it’s all great.
When you love the mighty combustion engine as much as we do, we make sure we have everything you could possibly need to keep it as sweet as the day you picked the keys up. From replacement engines to wiper blades, we’ve got it all, to fit all vehicles, and to suit all budgets.

tune-up-partsWhatever your engine needs, we can get it!
From basic tune up and oil change service part to just about any part your car could ever need! Auto Edge is your connection for complete gas and car parts – no matter what you need!

So, whatever you’re after, give us a call and, if it’s not in stock, we’ll have it for you in a flash. Anything to keep your motor happy. We’re here to keep you happy, too; but our first love is your motor. Sorry about that.

With loan vehicles and complimentary pick-ups available (even after-hours if you need, just ask), it’s never been easier to keep motoring.

Complete Trusted Auto Service and Repair in Midvale, WA

Providing Reliable, Trusted Auto Service to Car Owners throughout Midvale, Midland, High Wycome, Guildford, Mundaring, Swan View, Helena Valley and Ellenbrook in Western Australia

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