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Manual & Auto Transmission Repairs Perth

Looking for Manual or Auto Transmission Repairs Perth?

For all your manual or auto transmission repairs Perth you've come to the right place.  Our 35+ years experience in manual and auto transmission repairs means you'll get the best repairs.  Because it takes the right diagnostic tools and know-how to repair your gearbox or clutch.  

Does your gearbox sound like running a screwdriver down a blackboard?  Does the smell of burning clutch fluid follow you around? 

auto transmission repairs Perth

As much as we like seeing you at the workshop, we'd rather do the job right the first time which saves you time, hassle and extra costs in the long run.  See our reviews on Google to see what others say...

The Key To Getting it Right...

Successful manual or auto transmission repairs in Perth (or anywhere for that matter!), depends on identifying exactly what is going on. Its not a case of one gearbox solution fits all.  Or that one clutch fix will work in all instances. 

You'll get a thorough check of your manual or auto transmission before any repair is signed off or carried out.  So that way you'll know exactly what needs work.  The key is discovering what is causing the damage and fix that. We don't do quick patch up jobs on what "maybe" the problem. That type of approach will only come back to plague you in a few months time.

If you suspect that things aren't running with your manual or auto transmission as they should then get your transmission looked at. A service, flush and lubricant is a better alternative to a an expensive new clutch. And it’ll also help keep your fuel bills down.

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