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Have you blown your gasket?
Is your cam belt due for a change?

At Auto Edge, we’re fanatical about engines – it’s what we do. We don’t like to see engines neglected or damaged when it could have been avoided. So we’d like to remind our customers what can happen when cam belts aren’t changed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the belt snaps, then you could be looking at $1000s in damage, with valves bent, pistons wrecked and even screwed up cylinder heads if it hits them on its way through. A cam belt change is a simple and inexpensive piece of routine maintenance, so don’t line yourself up for a huge bill.

It’s the same with oil leaks – it’s often a cheap and simple fix, but it can be a warning for something more serious, so get it checked out, if only because, if you’re spraying oil in your wake like a trail of breadcrumbs, it’s on the tarmac and not where it needs to be – protecting your engine. Believe us, slam a con-rod through the engine block when you’re going pretty quickly, and you’ll need a new engine.

While we’re on the subject, it’s the same with your coolant system – it’s there for a reason. Your radiator needs a constant supply of quality coolant to function, so if your motor is losing water, drop by and we’ll check it out.

We make it as easy as possible for you to keep your engine in tip-top condition, and with loan vehicles and complimentary pickups available, it’s never been easier to keep it ticking over and prevent an expensive repair

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