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Steering & Suspension

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Steering and Suspension Repairs – Smooth as Silk

Does your suspension give you piles instead of smoothing the miles? Does your steering make your coupe feel like a truck?

Here at Auto Edge, we believe it doesn’t have to be this way. We often spend a long time in our vehicles, so why put up with an uncomfortable ride? Your car’s suspension system is an intricately put-together array of components which (in theory!) work together to give you a smooth, comfortable journey. Your suspension is on the front line and takes all the abuse that you and the roads you drive can throw at it, so the parts can wear out, or even break, which is when your sleek drive becomes a real boneshaker.

Repair your suspension & steering today for a smooth ride
If your steering’s out, then you could spend a fortune on new tyres due to uneven wear and damage; to say nothing of the fact that your steering is up there with your brakes in terms of its importance in getting you out of trouble in an emergency. It could be something as simple as a top-up of lubricant or a couple of loose wheel nuts so, don’t sweat about it – come and see us and we’ll give you our honest, expert assessment.

With loan vehicles and complimentary pickups available (even after-hours if you need, just ask), it’s never been easier to get your smooth cruising back. Your backside will thank you for it!

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