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Wheel Balancing

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Does your car drive like you’re drunk, even though you haven’t touched a drop?
Are you spending more on tyres than you are on fuel?

Wheels are (somewhat obviously) pretty handy things to have on a car. They also take a stack of punishment as they’re what separates you and your pride and joy from the tarmac. If your tyres are worn, then this will seriously impair your braking, which could also seriously impair your life expectancy! If your wheels are out of balance, then this could increase your tyre wear, costing you heavily in new tyres, and making steering a real chore.

Get longer life from your tyres when you maintain their balance! It's also about your safety too!
Wheel balancing, alignment, and tyre experts
Wheel alignment and tyre balancing are inexpensive and simple jobs which could reduce the cost of vehicle maintenance in the long run, so getting them sorted is a no-brainer. We can even do it while you wait and, with loan vehicles and complimentary pickups available (even after-hours if you need, just ask) it’s never been easier to put your mind at ease. Your wallet will thank you for it!

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